Snowfall 3D: What's new?

Thanks for downloading our live wallpaper. This blog has the detail of the latest changes of Snowfall 3D Live Wallpaper. There is a little description for each version number -in some cases with images and videos-

V2.3: GDPR compliance

We added the GDPR form for users in the EU and UK.

V2.2: Android 13 support

We fixed the bug that often caused the wallpaper to disappear.

V2.1: Optimizations for Android 8.0 & 8.1

We have done some performance optimizations for Android Oreo

V2.0: Graphic improvements!

We have migrated to GLES20 with important improvements on graphics and performance

V1.13: Thanksgiving!

The holiday season begins

V1.12: Bug fixes: Android 7

We fixed the problem of the snowman's head and the crashes of devices with Android 7 and Android 7.1

V1.11: Easy way to set the wallpaper and to configure it!

With the new main screen it's easier to set the wallpaper and prove the different options.

Snowfall VR - Cardboard: Published on Google Play!

Snowfall - VR is a demo of the "inside the scene" of the Live Wallpaper Snowfall 3D. Start the VR experience and you will be immersed in a relaxing zen zone.

This app is completely FREE! Enjoy it!

V1.10: The holiday season is coming!

We have added christmas features. It will activate automatically between Thanksgiving and New Year's or you can enable it manually on the settings.
Look at the video demo:

You can change the christmas features on live wallpaper's settings.

V1.9: Now you can add fog to the night scenery!

It's optional, you can enable the fog on scenery section of the live wallpaper's settings.

V1.8: With different cabin colors to choose!

You can choose between blue, pink and brown on the live wallpaper settings. More colors soon...

V1.7) Bug fixed! Devices with nVidia Tegra2 card

On previous version the app crashes on loading. Now, it's fixed!

Some of the affected devices are:
  • Samsung Galaxy Note4
  • Sony Xperia Z3+
  • ... and others of the newest devices.

V1.6) With shake effects!

Now you can disturb the snowflakes when shake the device. This setting is optional, you can disable it on settings page.
Look at the video demo:

V1.5) Pine interaction

Now you can touch the pine and shake it.

V1.4) Snowman interaction!

Now you can touch the snowman to interact with him. It's very funny! Warning: Try to not disturb him too much... It may become an angry snowman.
Look at the video demo:

V1.3) Incrementation of the loading speed.

We uploaded a new version with an incrementation of the loading speed on a 20% for non-HD devices.
The improvement is basically on the handling of textures.

V1.2) Compatibility with more devices and new changes to movement sensors.

We introduce improvements on the implementation of the movement sensors and the possibility to choose different options to find the appropriate sensor for your device if it doesn't have gyroscope.
We add compatibility with more than 8k devices! Most of the Android devices.

V1.1) Bug of textures of Moto G and other devices fixed

Some textures like snow and the wood of the chair were wrong on the Mote G and other devices. Now, it's fixed!

V1.0: Launched into Google Play!

We've launched our first real three-dimensional Live Wallpaper!
Snowfall 3D is a beautiful snowy park with a cozy cottage, a lovely snowman and a snowy pine. On the wallpaper settings, you can set the scene according your preferences. It has many different velocities of snowfall and sceneries like day and night, and it's possible to turn on/off the lights of the park and the house.
The app implements a gyroscope sensor to detect the movement of the device and replicate it on the scene to obtain a more realistic 3d effect. This sensor implementation is optional. If you want to disable it to save battery consumption, you can do it on the settings section. Or you can opt to use the accelerometer instead the gyroscope.
Enjoy it!


 Video demo:

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