Snowfall VR: What's new?

Thanks for downloading our app. This blog has the detail of the latest changes of Snowfall VR. There is a little description for each version number -in some cases with images and videos-

V1.3: Android 13 support / GDPR compliance

We upgraded the app for new devices and added the GDPR form for users in the EU and UK.

V1.2: Improvements for newest Android versions

We applied the last official optimizations on security for Android 9 and Android 10

V1.1: Bug fixes - Android 7

We fixed the problem of the snowman's head and the crashes of devices with Android 7 and Android 7.1

V1.0: Published on Google Play!

IMPORTANT: This virtual reality app requires Google Cardboard or other VR glasses (headset).

Snowfall - VR is a demo of the "inside the scene" of the Live Wallpaper Snowfall 3D. Start the VR experience and you will be immersed in a relaxing zen zone.
You can walk through the beautiful snowy park with a cozy cottage and a friendly snowman. Or just loll around in bed and look at the sky to see falling snowflakes.

This app is completely FREE! Enjoy it!


Download the live wallpaper too!

Snowfall 3D is a beautiful live wallpaper of the same scene of Snowfall VR. On the wallpaper settings, you can set the scene according your preferences. It has many different velocities of snowfall and sceneries like day and night, and it's possible to turn on/off the lights of the park and the house.
The app implements a gyroscope sensor to detect the movement of the device and replicate it on the scene to obtain a more realistic 3d effect.
Enjoy it!

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