The real aquarium - LWP: What's new?

Thanks for downloading our live wallpaper. This blog has the detail of the latest changes of The Real Aquarium Live Wallpaper. There is a little description for each version number -in some cases with images and videos-

V2.37: GDPR compliance

We added the GDPR form for users in the EU and UK.

V2.36: Android 13 support & bug fixes

We fixed errors on Android 13 & 12L.

V2.35: Bug fixes

We fixed the frozen screen bug after reboot.

V2.34: Android 12 support

We fixed the error downloading backgrounds on Android 12.

V2.33: Choose your own background image!

Now you can pick from Gallery or Camera your favorite coral background or why not.. a picture of your cat :)

Go to Settings -> Select scenery -> Scroll down and click Select from Gallery or Camera

Pick your your custom background and select the area for the main screen.

V2.32: Bug fixes

We fixed the bug that often caused the wallpaper to disappear.

V2.31: New fish! Watch the video to unlock it

We have added to the tank a beautiful Red Sea sailfin tang. One of the most beautiful species of the Tang genus. To unlock FREE the new fish, watch the short video on settings.

V2.32: Bug fixes

We fixed the bug that often caused the wallpaper to disappear.

V2.30: Different frames to choose!

Now if you want to display your favourite picture on a frame, you can choose between colored stones, aluminium or antique wood. Find it on Settings.

V2.29: Improvements for newest Android versions

We applied the last official optimizations on security for Android 9 and Android 10

V2.28: New fish! Watch the video to unlock it

We have added to the tank a beautiful and colorful Discus Fish. I know! the discus fish is for freshwater, but this is a virtual aquarium... we can do that :) To unlock FREE the new fish, watch the short video on settings.

V2.27: 16 new backgrounds!

We have recently added 16 new backgrounds of coral reefs of Indonesia from the Coral Image Bank of The Ocean Agency. Find it on Settings -> Scenery -> The Ocean Agency.

V2.26: Definition improvements. Hardware acceleration. Bug fixes.

We improved the quality of the default background according to the newest devices in the market. We added hardware acceleration (for devices with Android 8.0 or higher). We continue solving the problem that re-establish the default wallpaper on some devices (for some of these solved on this version)

V2.25: Removable mute button. Some bug fixes.

Now you can enable the bubbles sound and remove the mute button if you want (on Settings). Also, we fixed the problem that re-established the default wallpaper on some devices.

V2.24: New seahorse! Watch the video to unlock it

The new fish is a little purple seahorse. To unlock FREE the new fish, watch the short video on settings.

V2.23: Photo frame (optional) and smooth motion

Now you can display your favorite picture in a photo frame under the water, try it on settings (look at the screenshots).
In addition, we make improvements in movement along desks. It's smoother now.

V2.22: Bug fixes, improvements on battery consumption and tool for set as lock screen

We fixed the problem of freeze fishes and we made improvements on performance reducing the battery consumption. For Android 7.0+: We added a tool on top-right menu of the main screen to set the live wallpaper as home and lock screen (you can not do that easily with some devices)

V2.21: Seahorse! Watch the video to unlock it

The new fish is a little yellow seahorse. To unlock FREE the new fish, watch the short video on settings.

V2.20: Bug fixes: Android 7

We fixed some problems of Samsung S8, S8+ and other devices with transparent navbar and larger aspect ratio.

V2.19: New fish!

Welcome "blue tang fish" to the tank! Now Nemo and Dory are together again.

V2.18: New live wallpaper free!

We've relaunched The real thunderstorm - LWP.
The most realistic thunderstorm live wallpaper, with cool graphs, sound (optional) and It has a very low battery consumption.
Try it!

(Find it on "More free livewallpapers" section or click the "Get it on Google Play" button.)

The real thunderstorm - Live Wallpaper

V2.17: New backgrounds!

We have recently added five new backgrounds: two of fantasy, two of Atlantis (the lost city) and one of a colorful coral. Find it on settings!

Fantacy 2

Fantacy 3

Atlantis 1

Atlantis 2

Coral 13

V2.16: Rotate scenery! & Bugs fixed

You can select two or more backgrounds to auto-rotate. Bug of "set wallpaper" on some devices fixed!
Find the auto-rotate scenery on wallpaper settings.

V2.15: Bug of disappeared fishes on settings fixed!

If you've updated to V2.14, please update to V2.15 to solve this problem. Thanks!

V2.14: Easy way to set the wallpaper and to configure it!

With the new main screen it's easier to set the wallpaper and prove the different options.

V2.13: Multicolored jellyfish!

Now the jellyfishes are multicolored! (optional)
Watch it on the video below:

V2.12: Jellyfish! A new member of The Real Aquarium.

With beautiful colors, gives a touch different to the aquarium.

V2.11: Do you think fishes are too slow?

Don't worry! Now you can change the average speed of fishes. Go to settings and make your fishes faster or slower. You can increment/decrease the speed on a 80%.
Look at the screenshot:

V2.10: New live wallpaper free!

We've launched a new LWP, Snowfall 3D.
It's a real three-dimensional Live Wallpaper of a beautiful snowy park with a cozy cottage, a lovely snowman and a snowy pine.
The app implements a gyroscope sensor to detect the movement of the device and replicate it on the scene to obtain a more realistic 3d effect.
Enjoy it!

V2.9: With a new orange-yellow-blue fish

Very colorful! gives more life to the aquarium! =)

V2.8: Bug fixes

We fix some problems with the navigation bar on the Sony Xperia Z phone and in other devices with transparent navbar.

V2.7: With a shoal of little blue fishes!

Beautiful and always together!

V2.5: Scare by shaking

Now you can scare the fishes by shaking the phone.
Watch it on the video below:

V2.4: Bugs fixed and a new live wallpaper

We've launched a new LWP, The Real Thunderstorm HD (Chicago).
It's basically the same than the traditional Real Thunderstorm, but with buildings of the Chicago's city! You can find it on the Real Aquarium settings section or following the download link below.
Enjoy it!

V2.3: Turkish translation and bugs fixed

1) Now, you can see the menu on Turkish.
2) Bug of Xperia Go and others non-HD devices fixed.
3) Bug of the background loading on HD devices fixed.

V2.2: With a new fish!

With a beautiful blue and yellow fish.

V2.1: Sony Xperia bug fixed

We've fixed two bugs on Sony Xperia devices:
 1) The strange behavior of bubbles and fishes on the bottom of the screen.
 2) Problems with rotation on preview.

V2.0: The real aquarium is HD!

We've launched the HD version! It's basically the same than the traditional Real Aquarium, but with better images, more backgrounds and it's quicker to download, because now, you can download the backgrounds when you're going to use it. Enjoy it!

The real aquarium HD

New backgrounds:

V1.14: With bubbles background sound!

Yeah! now you may put sound to your Real Aquarium Live Wallpaper.
This feature is optional and it is activated only when you are on your phone desktop.
To enable it, go to settings and check the "Bubbles sound" option. After that, you can mute or enable sound with the new sound button on your desktop.

V1.12: With a new fish!

V1.10: With a new fish


V1.7: Now It has a little toy scuba diver!

It's very funny! You can watch it on the video.

V1.6: Now It supports multi-touch to scare the fishes!

It's so addictive! :-) You can see it on the video.

V1.5: Bug of fishes swiming upside down fixed

Yeah.. we finally managed eliminate the "dead fishes". We know you hated this bug ;-)

V1.4: Four new backgrounds!!

Select the scenery item in the settings menu and then select the one of the new backgrounds:

You can choose between this new coral bgs:

V1.3: With a shoal of little fishes

They are always together!

V1.2: With a new fish!


  1. I can't get it to work.... I sent you an e-mail.. Please get back to me... Thank you... ㄕ◊Щ. Я ɬ◊ς サ

    ㄕⅰик モレ◊ㄚ∂

    1. Hi, What version of the app do you have? Try to set the wallpaper from device system settings: Hold down your finger in any part of the home screen without icons, select the option “set wallpaper”, “Live Wallpapers”, "_The real aquarium HD_", “Set Wallpaper”.

  2. It would be really cool if the next fish that you add would be a blowfish and even better if you could actually make it blow up larger.

  3. Some new update either on your app or my phone has stopped your application from rotating to landscape view and thus is stuck on portrait view.

    1. Hi! it can't be an update because we have not released updates on the last 2 months. Try to set the wallpaper again. If it doesen't work, try to clear the app data: On device settings - Apps - The Real Aquarium HD - Storage - Clear Data. Then set the wallpaper again. Best Regards, The Memento Apps Team.

  4. how to put it on your homescreen and lockscreen??? Further i love it

    1. If you can't set the live wallpaper as home and lock screen, you may set it using this app: "Set LockScreen LWP" ( Find it on the top right menu of the app or get it on Goolge Play.
      Many devices does not allow set live wallpapers on lock screen, even with this app.

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