Thunderstorm Chicago: What's new?

Thanks for downloading our live wallpaper. This blog has the detail of the latest changes of Thunderstorm Chicago. There is a little description for each version number -in some cases with images and videos-

V2.11: Android 13 support / Rain bug fixed

We upgraded the app for new devices and fixed the bug that shows sections of the screen without rain.

V2.10: Removable mute button & smoother screen scroll

Now you can enable the storm sounds and remove the mute button if you want (on Settings). Also, we improved the movement between screens too.

V2.9: Snowfall! (Optional)

Now you can add a snowfall or sleet in the city of Chicago. Watch the video!

V2.8: Bug fixes and tool for set as lock screen

For Android 7.0+: We added a tool on top-right menu of the main screen to set the live wallpaper as home and lock screen (you can not do that easily with some devices)

V2.7: Bug fixes for Android 7

We fixed some problems of Samsung S8, S8+ and other devices with transparent navbar and larger aspect ratio.

V2.6: Smooth motion!

With an improvement in movement along desks. Last version had problems with that, more than anything with the movement of the buildings.

V2.5: Bug fixed

We've solved the problem of buildings disappearing, slow movement and black screen on some devices with Android 4.x, 5.x and 6.0.

V2.4: Easy way to set the wallpaper and to configure it!

With the new main screen it's easier to set the wallpaper and prove the different options.

V2.3: New live wallpaper free.

We've launched a new LWP, Snowfall 3D.
It's a real three-dimensional Live Wallpaper of a beautiful snowy park with a cozy cottage, a lovely snowman and a snowy pine.
The app implements a gyroscope sensor to detect the movement of the device and replicate it on the scene to obtain a more realistic 3d effect.
Enjoy it!

V2.2: With sound! (optional)

Now you can set sound effects! (optional). To set it, you've to check the options: "Sound of wind", "Sound of rain" and "Sound of thunderbolts" on the settings menu of the live wallpaper.  (see the pictures)
If you've enabled the sound options, you can mute the wallpaper tapping the mute button on the desktop of your phone.




V2.1: Bug fixed

We've solved the problem of black-background of some devices.

V2.0: The real thunderstorm is HD!

We've launched the HD version! It's similar to the traditional Real Thunderstorm, but with buildings of the Chicago's city! and better images, more backgrounds and it's quicker to download, because now, you can download the backgrounds when you're going to use it. Enjoy it!

download from the market: The real thunderstorm HD - free

V1.14: Bug fixed!

Optimization on loading backgrounds on HD Devices and clouds movement.

V1.13: Bug fixed

It had problems with backgrounds and the clouds dimension on HD devices.

V1.12: Thunderbolts on touch

Now you can enable an option to "create" thunderbolts to your finger. Watch this video to know how to enable it.

V1.11: Bugs fixed

It crashed on change background in some phones.

V1.10: Launched on the market

  • Night, rain, moon and clouds:

  • Thunderbolts:
  •  Settings:
  •  Different scenaries:
  •  Day:

  •  Very cloudy:

 Video demo:

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