The real aquarium: What's new?

Thanks for downloading our live wallpaper. This blog has the detail of the latest changes of The Real Aquarium Live Wallpaper. There is a little description for each version number -in some cases with images and videos-

V2.0: The real aquarium is HD!  

You've downloaded the standard version, download free the HD version.

We've launched the HD version! It's basically the same than the traditional Real Aquarium, but with better images, more backgrounds and it's quicker to download, because now, you can download the backgrounds when you're going to use it. Enjoy it!

The real aquarium - HD

V1.14: With bubbles background sound!

Yeah! now you may put sound to your Real Aquarium Live Wallpaper.
This feature is optional and it is activated only when you are on your phone desktop.
To enable it, go to settings and check the "Bubbles sound" option. After that, you can mute or enable sound with the new sound button on your desktop.

V1.13: Bug fixed

Optimization on loading backgrounds on HD Devices. The application had problems to load backgrounds if it is running on high definition phones. We have solved the problem, changing the rendering method.

V1.12: With a new fish!

V1.11: Bug of black and white backgrounds fixed!

With black and white backgrounds, the fishes tended to be grouped on the left side of the screen.

V1.10: With a new fish


V1.9: Samsung S2 and S3 bug fixed

Be patient when you are changing the background, It may take several seconds..

V1.8: Important bug fixed.

Internal things...

V1.7: Now It has a little toy scuba diver!

It's very funny! You can see it on the video.

V1.6: Now It supports multi-touch to scare the fishes!

It's so addictive! :-) You can see it on the video.

V1.5: Bug of fishes swiming upside down fixed

Yeah.. we finally managed eliminate the "dead fishes". We know you hated this bug ;-)

V1.4: Four new backgrounds!!

Select the scenery item in the settings menu and then select the one of the new backgrounds:

You can choose between this new coral bgs:

V1.3: With a shoal of little fishes

They are always together!

V1.2: With a new fish!

The real aquarium HD


  1. No lo puedo poner quien me ayuda como se ASE porfa

    1. Hola Camila,
      El fondo de pantalla se selecciona como cualquier fondo animado de Android. Si no sabes como hacerlo, puedes seguir este tutorial que está en ingles pero los videos son muy claros:

      The Memento Apps Team.

  2. La descargue y no consigo ponerla de fondo de pantalla en mi tabletas bq edision2

  3. Hola Rosa, ya te hemos contestado desde Google Play Store pero volvemos a hacerlo desde acá. La idea es que puedas resolver tu inconveniente. Te recomendamos intentar con la versión HD que es más apropiada para tu dispositivo, puedes descargarla desde el siguiente link de Google Play:
    Una vez descargada, se selecciona como todos los fondos de pantalla animados de Android.

  4. Absolutely love this app. My granddaughter does too! I love that it sounds real too! I don't have a real tank & miss the relaxing sound of the bubbles. I turn the volume up & nighy, sit in the dark, close my eyes, RELAXATION! lol

  5. I've downloaded this app an now I can't apply it to my screen. What am I doing wrong?

  6. Hi! Once installed, you have to select it from device system settings. If you don't know how to, you can follow this steps: Hold down your finger in any part of the home screen without icons, select the option “set wallpaper”, “Live Wallpapers”, "_The real aquarium_", “Set Wallpaper”.

  7. Why does this Screensaver keep disappearing?

    1. Hello! the bug is when the system app "Android System WebView" updates automatically. In some devices that update stops the live wallpaper. We will try to fix that problem.